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12 Years Traveling 23 countries, sharing and inspiring miraculous healing and self mastery all around the World*

Akahi and Camila’s mission is to raise consciousness in humanity by teaching the revolutionary freedom to heal, nourish and live on light*

A Viliam Poltikovič film on pranic nourishment

People start to appear almost next to us now who don’t need to accept solid food since the omnipresent energy of the Universe is totally enough for them to live on. Living without food is both unbelievable and inadmissible for a plenty of persons though. We do still know very little however about human potentialities. Long-standing protagonists of this way of nutrition in the world – Jasmuheen from Australia and Henri Monfort from France – are depicted in this movie which shows also a young couple Camila and Akahi from Ecuador that has given birth to two children under these circumstances already and two Czech women too who have been living like this for some two years. The film’s aim is to present the topic seen in a wide scope.

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AKAhi* Live Online 2016

January 2nd – March 5th – May 7th – July 23rd

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AKAhi* Live in person 2016

July 2 to 9 – November 12 to 19

– Living on Light – Breatharian – Pranic Nourishment –

Scientific research on the breathing therapies and processes that they currently share worldwide has proven an increase in the amount of life force in the energy field, resulting in longevity, in a balancing of the functions of the nervous system and internal body organs, as well as generating lasting mental and emotional clarity, and the healing of chronic physical diseases.

The Source of Infinite Possibilities where Miracles become reality*

Scientifically Proven

Experiment with the GDV Kirlian Technology of Dr. Korotkov, measure before and after of the energy field in participants of the 8 Day Process™ showing the extraordinary increase, healing and regeneration of all organs and systems of the body.


“The female body is Beautiful and Intelligent, and as we unlock the keys to our feminine Light Body we experience the exciting and everlasting connection with a new Source of Energy, capable of miraculous healing, nourishment, and illumination of life.” ~ Camila*

Feminine Healing, Empowerment, Beauty taught by the only Pranic Breatharian Woman and Mother in the planet*

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Originally from Ecuador, Akahi Ricardo Salas has been a breatharian/pranic being for the last 8 years, and has been teaching workshops worldwide. Being an artist for many years, he experienced a 21 day process which opened the doors to the pranic consciousness. After various “visitations” from beings from other realms, he received a series of breathing techniques that bring about the pranic state, which he now teaches to the world. His wife Camilla is also a breatharian, and she has given birth to two healthy children while being in this state. Akahi also helps to heal people with severe diseases in a clinic in Northern California.
It is said that there are 40 to 50 thousand breatharians in the world now. Breatharianism may be hard to believe for many, but whether you believe it or not, Akahi’s spiritual wisdom and breathing techniques will inspire you.

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For Conscious Evolution Explores, Yogis, Light Workers, Visionaries, Healers, Human Pioneers.

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Thousands of people around the world are experiencing miracles in their lives after connecting with the divine frequencies of light transmitted by Akahi and Camila*

THE MIRACLE DAY™ is the only webinar in the world to connect and receive the universal energy of miracles, capable of manifesting the most extraordinary and immediate experience.

Take the miracle home! this guided self healing breathing session is designed to do the healing for you* and it will make any miracle reality, by simply listening to it, at any time of the day. The Miracle Breath™ by Akahi* recorded on The Miracle Day™ Free Webinar – July 28th. 2015

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Akahi* Pranic Life, Breathing into Oneness*

Self Enlightenment – Inner Light Breathing Session


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Akahi* Pranic Life, Breathing into Oneness* vol 3.

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Our Universal Gift,  The Laws of the Universe and Applying them.


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The Source of infinite Possibilities. MP3


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Creating our Perfect Universe from the Pranic Consciousness* Masters of The Universe*


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Breathe into your Greatness*

Introducing Pranic Living to the World

Love to our Mother Earth and Universe

Living from the energy of Love*

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