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Connect with Your Inner Source of Energy


Akahi Breatharian Method will open your understanding to a newly developed intelligent way of energy and intelligence. It is a platform to bring together like minded people from all over the world to come experience holistic learning and complete transformation of their thought processes and how to listen to their real selves. This program is aimed to make people go beyond their dependency on food as a source of life and utilize their inner energy to fuel their existence. This program will take beyond the mystic universal energies for nourishment, energy and information.

The basics of the programs are not just Akahi’s personal observations and findings. It is not something only he believes in. The program is extensively researched and approved by scientists in the world who themselves have been intrigued by the power of the program. Using the power of Conscious Breath Technology, the program structure is impactful enough to correct damaged DNA, generate and rejuvenate emotional, mental and physical well-being, regulate the oxygen intake in the body and align the nervous system in the best interest of the overall health of human body.

Happy Users of Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method

Akahi and Camila’s mission is to raise consciousness in humanity by teaching the revolutionary freedom to heal, nourish and live on light*

– Living on Light – Breatharian – Pranic Nourishment –

The Source of Infinite Possibilities where Miracles become reality*

Scientifically Proven

Experiment with the GDV Kirlian Technology of Dr. Korotkov, measure before and after of the energy field in participants of the 8 Day Process™ showing the extraordinary increase, healing and regeneration of all organs and systems of the body.

Scientific research on the breathing therapies and processes that they currently share worldwide has proven an increase in the amount of life force in the energy field, resulting in longevity, in a balancing of the functions of the nervous system and internal body organs, as well as generating lasting mental and emotional clarity, and the healing of chronic physical diseases.

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November 11 to 14

“The female body is Beautiful and Intelligent, and as we unlock the keys to our feminine Light Body we experience the exciting and everlasting connection with a new Source of Energy, capable of miraculous healing, nourishment, and illumination of life.” ~ Camila*

Latest Appearances

In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann Fox is joined by Breatharian Akahi Ricardo. Akahi shares his personal life journey that led to his current lifestyle living primarily on pranic energy with very little consumption of liquids or solid foods. He goes on to share stories of many of his students who have cured Cancer, Arthritis, and other illnesses through a breatharian practice. Ethann and Akahi also discuss the origins of the consumption of food and in particular meat, and how it relates to the current mainstream consciousness, as well as what he sees for the future of the human civilization. Other interesting topics include ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria, how breatharianism has effected his marriage to Camilla, and what it’s like to raise 2 children in a breatharian way of life.


Akahi* Pranic Life, Breathing into oneness*

Breatharian Healing Session to release toxic energy


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Pranic-Breathairian Consciousness* MP3


Akahi* Pranic Life, Breathing into Oneness*

Self Enlightenment – Inner Light Breathing Session


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The Silence of the Hearth, The Voice of the Higher Self – MP3


Akahi* Pranic Life, Breathing into Oneness* vol 3.

Pranic Breathing Session to Live on Light


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Our Universal Gift,  The Laws of the Universe and Applying them.


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The Source of infinite Possibilities. MP3


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Creating our Perfect Universe from the Pranic Consciousness* Masters of The Universe*


Akahi & Camila* featured on new film

12 Years Traveling 23 countries, sharing and inspiring miraculous healing and self mastery all around the World*

A Viliam Poltikovič film on pranic nourishment

People start to appear almost next to us now who don’t need to accept solid food since the omnipresent energy of the Universe is totally enough for them to live on. Living without food is both unbelievable and inadmissible for a plenty of persons though. We do still know very little however about human potentialities. Long-standing protagonists of this way of nutrition in the world – Jasmuheen from Australia and Henri Monfort from France – are depicted in this movie which shows also a young couple Camila and Akahi from Ecuador that has given birth to two children under these circumstances already and two Czech women too who have been living like this for some two years. The film’s aim is to present the topic seen in a wide scope.


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60 minutes – Miraculous guided self healing breathing session, designed to make any miracle reality, by simply listening to it, at any time of the day.

The Miracle Breath™ by Akahi*

Thousands of people around the world are experiencing miracles in their lives after connecting with the divine frequencies of light transmitted by Akahi and Camila*