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Akahi & Camila

Living off Energy, We Are Energy

A Viliam Poltikovič film on pranic nourishment

We are beginning to see that there are people who don’t need to accept solid food, since the omnipresent energy of the Universe is totally enough for them to live on. Living without food is both unbelievable and inadmissible for plenty of people, though. We do still know very little, however, about human potentialities. Long-standing protagonists of this way of nutrition in the world – Camila and Akahi – a young couple from Ecuador that has given birth to two children under these circumstances already – Jasmuheen from Australia and Henri Monfort from France – are depicted in this movie which shows also two Czech women too who have been living like this for some two years. The film’s aim is to present the topic seen in a wide scope.

Akahi and Camila* are parents, artists, healers, vegan and raw food experts and Pranic Breatharian teachers. Both professional artists, practitioners of natural and ceremonial medicine, having for many years experimented with vegan and raw foods diets, in 2008 they underwent the spritual initiation of the Living on Light – 21 Day Process, a process to rediscover self love and calibrate their bodies to the capacity to live from Light. They rediscovered a natural internal mechanism to nourish themselves through unique and special conscious Pranic Breathing techniques, freeing themselves from necessities like eating solid foods and drinking liquids. This state was integrated permanently while they lived and traveled through the Andean Mountains of South America in very close connection with nature and Gaia * Pachamama’s elements.

After this spiritual initiation, for three years they drank only juices, not eating any solid foods, Mastering Breatharianism and entering the Pranic Consciousness State/Samadhi/Enlightenment. There they deepened their conscious breathing practices to expand their human and spiritual senses for extrasensorial communication, connecting permanently with the Cosmic Life Force and its Intelligence, what they call THE QUIET ENERGY.

“The Quiet Energy is the state of Pure Love, the timeless state of the Energy before being influenced by the power of our thoughts”…Akahi*

Since 2011 Akahi & Camila have traveled around the world empowering thousands of people in over 20 countries, as they share with the lightworkers of the New World the Pranic State, teaching body and spirits to live on light.

Experience the world famous and scientifically proven Conscious Pranic Breathing Techniques for Optimum Health and Self Realization*

Scientific research on the breathing therapies and processes that they currently share worldwide has proven an increase in the amount of life force in the energy field, resulting in longevity, in a balancing of the functions of the nervous system and internal body organs, as well as generating lasting mental and emotional clarity, and the healing of chronic physical diseases.


Feminine Healing, Empowerment, Beauty taught by the only Pranic Breatharian Woman and Mother in the planet*

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The Source of Infinite Possibilities where Miracles become reality*

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