watch the experiments of the healing process of the body, mind, emotions, soul.

GDV* Kirlian-Energy Field Measurements, experiments before and after the 8DayProcess*

For the first time on the planet, light and information for the evolution of humanity. You now have the opportunity to easily access the comprehensive Pranic Frequencies* of Health, Consciousness, Happiness*

The most advanced self healing technology available in the planet today…   Dr. Edith Chan.

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2 Light Days Initiation*PRANIC STATE*

  Akahi's new Pranic Breatharian Technology for the Evolution of the Humanity

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Pranic Pregnancy & Parenthood

  This is the first of a sequence of articles we are sharing about ~Conscious Parenting from the Pranic B...

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Camila Castillo* Handbook for Pranic Breatharian Parenting

Chapter 1: Pre Conception: Through the Pranic state I have had the opportunity to deeply purify my reproductive sy...

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At the end of Day 5 of my 8 Day Breatharian Process with Akahi*

Dr. E is a practitioner of Holistic Medicines and Acupuncture who is known for her success working with athletes to...

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  • Divine, connected to the Divine. Amazing, beautiful , inspirational, anything you can dream of; thank you it is fantastic –Paul.    from England

  • It is a very deep process of transformation, you detached from a lot of unnecesary and you unite with what is real, and loving, and truth, wisdom. Yes, it is a beautiful process*–Julia T.     Author

  • The one day breathing seminar with Akahi* was like being in the Divine Mother´s arms and bathing in her Unconditional LoveLight !! Thank you Merci Gracias, what a blessing*–Estha Divine*  Devotional Singer.


SunBreath* the yoga of the Spirit, a new method that combines Sungazing-SunYoga-Pranic Breathing. 

SunBreath* integrates the light of the sun and the conscious pranic breath. It is to be practiced under the light of the fresh sun, meaning during the early sunrise and the earlier sunset. Practice for 8 days* and you will access the Samadhi State. The more you deepen into the light the more information you will receive. The Alpha brain waves and the inner light becomes higher, nurturing the entire light body and extending it into the physical body, mind, emotions, and soul.



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The 5th Dimensional Innocent Mastery of Akahi & Camila* bridging to the Practice* the alchemy of all spiritual practices developed in the last millenniums in the Planet Earth*

Live Recordings with Akahi & Camila channeling from the Pranic State*

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From listening just to the first minute of the audio, I gained such enormous amounts of light ascendence and love…and I cannot put in physical words the love and appreciation I feel for your being for helping me on my path.  *With deep eternal love!” Achihod*


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Relax ~ Rejuvenate ~ Rejoice

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*Birthing Bliss*

Rebirthing in the Divine feminine

via Skype 6 hours Seminar


*Introduction to Conscious Parenting*

2015: January 18th (part 1) and January 25th (part 2)

Sessions to guide you to unravel in the full beauty of Family


*Healing Traumas of the Womb*

November 8th, December 7th 2014; January 11th 2015 ~  3 hour Seminar


*Conscious Breathing in the Childbearing Year*

Current Three ~ Part Series October 4th, 11th & 18th

December 6th, 13th, 20th

for Mothers with inclination to Conscious Parenting*




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Alegria*TV show 24

watch our latest video about The Pranic Generation 2013 New Humanity, Camila’s Subtilities.

watch more episodes



**The luminous and supreme wisdom is shared through special and refined Breathing-Meditation techniques.**
 **The respiration takes us to the interior to rediscover us with our Divine Essence.**

Alegria*TV Show 1. Breathe into your Greatness*

Breatharian Healing Science*

Akahi & Camila Video Interview.

8 day Breatharian Process. Insights with Dr. Edith Chan.


The Pranic Enlightenment*

Healing, Enlightenment, Ascension, in the 8 day Process*

We are the nourishment of the Universe*

Living in Consciousness and Awakening the Womb Wisdom*


In the silence of the heart, the voice of the higher self*

Ascended Being* You Are the Essence of the Creation, and You Are here to expand the Universe with  your Infinite Creative potential, opening yourself to new posibilities to explore the wellness in your life, allowing all the good things that you deserve to manifest* When you enter into the Conscious Breath, you enter into the Inner Silence, the Inner Peace, and naturally everything returns to the Light that it is ~ Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and in the Soul, embracing a different happiness, a space within you in which you feel happy with yourself* a distinct happiness that inspires the clarity of your mind to create beauty in your present experience, illuminated comfort and smiles enveloping every aspect of your Divine and Higher Self*…Akahi*

Creating Pranic Methods of Enlightenment & Consciousness Evolution for the Humanity

Pranic Consciousness 

is an inner dance of loving states; the equilibrium between the physical and non~physical expressions of the Divine Self * The recognition that we are not separate, in the Universal Breath that links us all*


Alegria*TV Show on Youtube

Shifting Television supporting the spiritual evolution of the humanity.

check the participants inspirational testimonials and Keep updated of our upcoming events*.

  • Divine, connected to the Divine. Amazing, beautiful, inspirational, anything that you can dream of; thank you it is fantastic. –Paul.     from England

  • It is a very deep process of transformation. You detached from a lot of unnecesary and you unite with what is real, and loving, and truth, wisdom. Yes, it is a beautiful process*–Julia T.     Author

  • The one day breathing seminar with Akahi* was like being in the Divine Mother´s arms and bathing in her Unconditional LoveLight !! Thank you Merci Gracias, what a blessing*–Estha Divine*  Devotional Singer.

“My Inspiration”

A poem by Camila Castillo

I feel inspired by the life that surrounds me
To grow and to share
Just as the rustling leaves share their sweet breath
As the wind flows through them
Always moving freely
Flowing forward like the spring that becomes
The stream that becomes the river
That becomes the ocean
Whose deep waves wash over me

Constantly stable, constantly clear Transparent
Like the rays of the morning sun
penetrating the clarity
Arriving at the very essence of all love

I feel inspired to be the constant flow of the waves
and let go in their beauty
And dance to the rhythm of their heart

For it is my heart too
And their breath is my breath
And their love is my love
And their transparency my own

Unwavering stability in the constant flow of life
For everything shifts and flows in its perfection
And I am we are vessels of perfection
Of divine beauty
Intended to sing out in joy to the total
perfection that we are, we are….