Akahi* Pranic Supra Conscious Breathing Sessions* available now on MP3

Hi-Tech NeuroCellular Science – Pranic Technology – Deep Purification –  Etheric & Karmic Healing – Living on Light*


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Akahi* vol.1 Pranic Self Reprogramming*


-Session one  *Pranic Self Reprogramming*, breath by breath through this session your mind your your emotions, your body And your soul will have the quiet oportunity to finally relax deeply And at this way allow the Cosmic energy to flow Through your 4 subtil bodys naturally disolving the negative energy charge that could be accumulated Through your Life experiences emptying that from the Being and creating space within for new positive information, creating a friendly comunication with Being itself, to reprogramm your DNA  with the new positive information that you want to have with you to be happy now and for ever.

Akahi* vol. 2 *The Enlightenment of the I AM*

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Enter into the Spiritual aspect of the Pranic enlightenment Teachings, in this session the Light Body activation, becomes a Reality of Bliss And Self Mastery creating a clear and open relationship with the full Divine expresión within you, your Divine Presence I AM, your Higher Self, and allow it to re create your entire Being, iluminating from the skin deep, to penetrante your cells and átoms, regenerating and calibrating your body organs in the 5th dimensional State of Light Being. and anchoring your Higher Self Wisdom permanently in your Spiritual Ascension and Life*

with the wonderful music of  Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Akahi vol 3 Infinit8 Pranic Breathing - Living on Light Activation*
Akahi vol 3 Infinit8 Pranic Breathing – Living on Light Activation*

Session 3
INFINITE PRANIC BREATHING in this sesión the codes of the power of the breath are reveals to you,
in this is session you are going to learn consciously and integrate physically into your Life, the self free energy mechanism of the body, to active your Inner Source of Prana, your Inner source of Life, Through this breath we are going to create a balanced rhythm of the breathing cycle, we will contemplate the characteristics of the air, And at the same time you will learn step by step each part of your breathing cycle, to be able to guide the energy through diferent áreas of your Being.


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Thank you Thank you Thank you Akahi and Camila Isis for a sublimely beautiful session this afternoon.. perfectly blissful.. so grateful to have you guys and the whole family in my life.. feeling you all :


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download now and Expand your Consciousness with the Inner Science of the Breath* to Heal and Illuminate from the very essence of your Soul*

from* Akahi & Camila *The Master Generation Teleconference Series*2013

available now on MP3

Humanity is ready to receive the Advanced Technology of the Breath* and the path invites us to continue sharing with you all, updating us with new ways of comunication* divine beings. The voice of the Silence wants to be expressed* It is ready to remind you of the Infinite Potential within, flowing in each and every IN and OUT Breath*

New States of Consciousness descending to us to integrate, Violet Diamond Breathable Crystals* enveloping us all* containing the updates for Humanity’s Ascencion* Living on Light* with no rules, with no diets, with total freedom to choose how to experiece and create the beauty in your life. It is a gift that is now availble to cultivate within each one of you*  But first a lot of old programmming needs to be transmutted in the light, much baggage to let go of, to be able to receive the new paradigm* For this reason *The Beloved IAM expression* chooses to create this Series of Pranic Enlightenment Teachings to guide precisely the Integration of the Global Paradigm of the Light Body that is just available through the Conscious Reception of the Prana Updates* breath by breath* learning to allow the integration of the Happiness and Bliss in Every Being life* opening your mind and entire being to new perspectives, to new posibilities to be explored for Your Highest Good and The Highest Good of All*

Integrating the conscious breath into our present and opening ourselves to the space of infinite possibilities.

Receive practicle tools through talks, interviews, insights, chats, Q&A with live channeled breathing sessions, and relaxing meditations to live in the joy now, and co~create from the Quiet Energy your perfect present, bringing to life the best of Humanity in this time of Oneness* 

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The Quiet Energy* The Source of infinite Possibilities. MP3.
The Quiet Energy* The Source of infinite Possibilities. MP3.

in the New Science of the World, the exploration of the Quantum Physic lead us to the Vacuum, and the Religions around the world refer to this as GOD, Love, Peace, Prana, Ki, Chi, the Life Source*
Akahi & Camila call this QUIET ENERGY. in this Introduction to the Pranic Enlightenment Teachings for The Master Generation* Akahi & Camila, transmit the Universal Wisdom of The Quiet Energy* and the natural capacity in every being to take advantage of The Source of all Posibilities, learn to consciously to influence the Energy that Creates Worlds to co-create in Harmony with your Intention and Thoughts a Blissful Life experience. A priceless opportunity to remember who we are and our capacity to use the Laws of the Universe*. Includes a Powerful Breathing-Meditation ~ the Quiet Energy*
Live recorded on April 7th.
File format: MP3

Pranic-Breathairian Consciousness* MP3
Pranic-Breathairian Consciousness* MP3

Akahi & Camila – The Master Generation – Pranic Enlightenment Teachings. vol2.
After 10 years of exploration in the Living on Light Transition and the whole meaning of this concept, in body, mind, emotion, soul. In this live recorded session, we reveal the meaning of Breath*Airian* from the Universal Perspective, learn about the Cycle of life within the Life Itself* and our natural and divine evolution to the Pranic Consciousness* activate the Inner Sacred Geometry through the Light Codes of the Breath* learn to perceive the The Characteristics of the Air and the Information contained in the Air*.The Pranic Living Path, learning to Control the Power of the Universe, entering the Fifth Dimension, Dissolving the Illusion of the separation. Includes guided breathing-meditation to activate the Prana Perspective* and Contemplation of the Breathing Cycle*
Live recorded on May 5th.
Duration: 1:30min.
File format: audio MP3

The Silence of the Hearth, The Voice of the Higher Self - MP3
The Silence of the Hearth, The Voice of the Higher Self – MP3

Akahi & Camila, in the Pranic State explaining the importance of the Silence of the Mind and Heart, to create a deep and clear communication with the Divine-Higher Self within each being, to gain trust and self confidence in your power to be the Creator of your Life, opening your perspective to access the Universal Laws and to the infinite benefits of it, learn how to discover and use your Inner Talents in your life to grow, and in the mean time, understand your Higher Self ways of Expression*.and apply them into the practice of a new way of Living based in the joyful and easy guidance pouring from the Voice of the Heart. In this presentation, a Breathing-Meditation that will show you a easy way to learn, step by step, the practice of the Breath* to access the Silence of the Mind and Heart, learn to make question and receive answers, learn to listen to the Loving Voice of your Heart, and create a permanent practice/method to be in Oneness with your Divine Self Expression.
Live recorded: June 2nd 2013
Duration: 1:30min.
File format: Audio MP3